Outsourcing training center in Uttara

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Outsourcing training center in Uttara


ONE DIRECTION IT INSTITUTE are providing highly valuable of outsourcing training opportunity for young generation .We are providing some internationally wanted outsourcing training courses which must good earning source for young generation for example: our courses: Search Engine Optimization, website Design and Development, Graphics Design, Digital marketing, CPA Marketing.To learn outsourcing you should find outsourcing training center which one is very near to you. one direction it institute  outsourcing training center in uttara


Md Shamim Hossain is the founder and CEO of ONE DIRECTION IT INSTITUTE; (outsourcing training center in uttara). He is nationally and internationally very well recognized as a one of the leading SEO White Hat method strategy Consultant for training and ranking any websites. He is respected as one of the best outsourcing training’s Leading Expert on competitive SEO service and training provider and works with national and international companies for branding and promoting their website on top page in search engine.

Why choose One Direction IT Institute for quick income

If you are looking for outsourcing training center in uttara, so why not ONE DIRECTION IT INSTITUTE because we are providing outsourcing training which is the best in Bangladesh, we are Bangladesh and many people actually most of the people of our country are unemployed and they do not have any job, but now as days our country’s people are being very much smart and they are being well educated and about 35% of people of our county have good skill on computer and they are also good in English.

As they are good in English and computer they can do some outsourcing work but problems is that they do not have perfect guidelines and have not skill on particular subject that is why they are looking for good outsourcing training center, you will find many outsourcing training center in Bangladesh, but if you want to find good outsourcing training center then Google can help you to find good outsourcing training center and you can find it on face book YouTube. Let go to find good outsourcing training center so search it in search engine like Google and then write outsourcing training center in uttara .Who are best outsourcing training center in Dhaka you can find one of them is one direction it institute.


One direction it institute is very well known it institute in Uttara,Dhaka,. We have been working as outsourcing training center more than five years. We have many successful students and completed many project to rank in Google on top page. All are full time teachers and very expert. They are very helpful.

Why you need to learn outsourcing

Today is the time for digital world and who are capable to cope up with digital world they must be very good in English and computer it will be very good platform for them . They should be very strategic and trying to develop their career in online. Where one direction it institute can carry out value –adding activities in house where one direction can best utilize their skill. A successful outsourcing trailing center should have strategic goal.
Our goal is to make skill people and make them capable to earn money from online, help them to become good freelancer. For that, we have setup good environment to practice and add expert teacher, 24 hours support team.

There are many reasons why you should learn outsourcing. Some of the most common reason are shown below.
• Online is the best source to get outsourcing work because people want to reduce their cost.
• Want to gain access world class job and want to work with international clients
• It is the best chance to work with world class expert and good opportunity to learn new things and get new idea.
• Streaming and increasing efficiency of work and group up their company
• They want o share risk with a partner


How we help our students

Every teacher is very expert and working with many clients so when we take our class we show our students live project t and teach with practical work. There is no any theoretical class all are 100% practical. We take our class on time. During the class students can ask any question and all class are being recorded so when class is over, students can practice watching that video. After the class students can practice in our class room and we have another extra support team who always ready to help our students.

We have Secret Face book Group, Skype Group where we have added our two expert teacher’s phone number where any student can help to solve their problem and can share with their class mate and senior students.outsourcing training center

How to make more money

Why should choose Freelancing

Which Marketplace you will work?

We will work in different market places for example Upword,Fiverr,Seoclark,Peopleperhour as well as we prepare personal projects.

What need to start Freelancing?

First of all you need to be expert on particular subject for example Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Website Design and Development,Graphics Design,Digital marketing,CPA Marketing. What you need to start freelancing : One good configuration Computer with internet connection, Basic Computer  and English knowledge

Our Goals

Our goal is to make you successful Freelancer and to become successful freelancer you will get all support from us for example very good guidelines, life time support ,work with live project so if you want to learn outsourcing you better to come outsourcing training center in uttara.


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