Computer Training Center in Uttara

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Computer Training Center in Uttara

How to learn Computer/outsourcing/freelancing. To learn computer and outsourcing you know the best computer and outsourcing   training center in uttara is One Direction IT Institute.

One direction it institute

One direction it institute

It’s great news that you want to learn computer and outsourcing . You know very well that it is the best way to contribute with your family income and make foreign currency that will help to become our country as a developed country within 2050 .It is great time for Bangladesh as a developing country where 50% people are young about 20 to30 years old and this the power of Bangladesh to make as a developed country. You know once, we had a very come question in essay for SSC examination and most important paragraph  that Population is the main problem in Bangladesh, But now population is not the main problem for our country now we must say population the power of our country. Because you know very well outsourcing working opportunity is as Good Will for our country. Almost 60, 0000 active freelancer working as full time job and earning lots of foreign currency. So you better to know how to learn outsourcing. if you want to see our success story then visit our YouTube Channel


Best Freelancer 

As I am working for more than 8 years as a freelancer and many of successful freelancers have learnt freelancing from me. So I would like to share my experience how to learn and become successful freelancer.To become freelancer first of all you must be active and persistence, dedication. You should have some experience in some particular expertise in computer like SEO (search Engine Optimization), Website Design and Development, Graphic Design, Auto Cad. And keep updated yourself in learning every day .We have updated course plan and experience teacher who must help you to be expert and successful as a freelancer in Different market places.

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outsourcing training center in uttara | One Direction IT Institute

One direction it institute

Why you better to learn Freelancing.

You better to start freelancing because you know; there is nothing better than sitting at home,Working from there and earning handful dollar without any hurdles event you can share your work with your family member so there is no alternative good earning source. This can be possible when you are willing to start your career as a free-lancer. Now, there are many things that you can do as a freelancer, there was a time when the concept of freelancer was taken as a Joke but now it has become a full-time job for most of the people. Utilizing the technology with your abilities and making your living out of it helps you in building your independent career.Freelancing is a whole career in which you can be successful like any other businessman.

Freelancing is giving more opportunities.

The reason why we are saying is that the freelancing is giving you opportunities to work on different platforms using your skills and can make handful money. For instance, if you think that you are good at Computer and have skill on writing or creating content, you may come to One direction it institutes to enhance your skills to become expert and then become good content writer and start working as a freelancer. There is no doubt that the freelancer not only get the Jobs online but they are offered with office jobs as well due to their capabilities to manage the work.

one direction it institute

one direction it institute

Becoming a freelancer is very easy, because you can develop a proper understanding on how the things work from ONE DIRECTION IT INSTITUTE. Especially, if you want to step in the world of internet you should know about the up and downs and the thing that you can face there as a freelancer. At out sourcing training center you have the facility to seek the expert advice based on their experience related to the matters of freelancing. We are here to provide to a platform that can you make learn anything you want, and whatever you choose from our  categories will make sure that you learn the best and we make sure that you start earning on your own we provide 100% income Guarantee unstill you can earn. We are just polishing you’re in building skills by providing you the expert mentor for all of your concerns. Our experts are always here to guide you and to make sure that you get to learn the best tools in order to initiate your freelancing career. Starting from the bottom we try our best to take you to the height of  success.


We have unique skill.


We have adopted the unique and effective ways of making the students learn, there is still hope if you are so done of you being jobless. You should try your luck in freelancing by adopting one  of the means you are going to learn at the outsourcing and computer training center in uttara. The reason we are  convincing you to come and join us is that when you are going to leave you will be a successful  freelancer. It is a whole filed that gives you several opportunities of becoming successful. We are here to make you learn the SEO, Graphic designing, Auto Cad design, Website Designing  and a lot more which can lead you to earn a bunch!

one direction it institute is the best outsourcing training center in uttara

one direction it institute is the best outsourcing training center in uttara

It is not in anyone’s hand to become a successful freelancer by SEO which is search engine optimization. There are various ways to earn money and one of them is SEO. Here at outsource training center we will be telling you the basics of SEO and its working. It does take a lot of time to become successful in this field but if you know the shortcuts and the outcomes, you will not be  disappointed. There is a requirement from you to find a niche, and then conduct a proper research on the keywords, then placement of such keywords in the content, creation of the unique content, building a website for yourself and then finding ways to monetize it, then the next step you have to do is get the links and it goes on. This might seem odd to you because you are not familiar with the working as soon as you get to know the techniques it becomes easy for you to handle it.


On the other hand Website Design and development along with the Graphic design are some of the other ways of making money online, if you want to become an expert in these two, because they can generate you the most income then you should consult with our experts. It is a it tricky but takes you a long way in freelancing. People will ask for your work by themselves,

Because in this once you have a hold on your skills, your work speaks for itself that is why we are here at outsourcing Computr  training center in uttara to make sure that you learn the best from here to make your future a successful one.

outsourcing training center in uttara,one direction it institute

one direction it institute


There is no doubt that in order to start a career you’re in built skills matter, but one cannot deny the need of mastering the techniques as well. By techniques we mean showcasing yourself on  different platforms, the tactics to get noticed. One cannot use their skills until they have a fair  idea on how they can show or utilize their skills on different platforms. There are many  difficulties such as the cultural difference, techniques of branding yourself, the way you are going to initiate the bidding and the said bidding should be meaningful and effective. This list does not end here there is much more to this learning, that you get to learn at the outsourcing training center.


We are also offering you training and expertise on the Auto Cad Design which is the most paid  and appreciated work in the freelancing. You will not only become a successful freelancer but it can become your dream job. It is all related to the complex technology that you have to learn at outsourcing and Computer  training center in Uttara. We brought you all the experts in their said fields on one platform that you can easily learn whatever you want to learn for making your career. For us our students and their career matters the most, it is our responsibility to give you the skills that you can utilize in the near future to make money.

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