Best outsourcing freelancing training center in uttara

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Best outsourcing freelancing training center in uttara

One Direction It institute is the best outsourcing, freelancing training center in Uttara. Not only in Uttara, we are chosen amongst the best in Dhaka city. Students from far away, comes to  learn outsourcing ,freelancing in our our institution as we are the best freelancing training canter .working from 2012.We have trained many people who have been working in different market places as successful freelancer.

We are a dedicated team working for the development for our young generation to become strong man power and to develop our country. So   People are coming from different division, cities, We are base on Uttara and. Outside Dhaka We have Students from Bogra, Rangpur, Chittagong, Barisal and many other districts from all over Bangladesh. You may find many training canter In Bangladesh there are almost 10000+ plus outsourcing training center, but amongst all we are on the top 10 list and you we are working for long time since 2012.

You can find us on google as the best outsourcing training canter in Bangladesh. “Don’t believe us, search on Google it.” On Google’s top outsourcing training center list you will find our name on the top, with many 5 stars reviews and satisfactory student’s comments from our client’s and students.

Why we are the best.

We are top freelancing training institute in Uttara,Dhaka.Well there are lot of reasons, but the primary reason is our dedicated expert teachers and management team. Our teachers and management team are the heart of our institution. We believe a good teacher should meet some criteria such as Integrity, Ability to Communicate properly with the students, should be a good influencer, give proper guidance, courage and finally respect individual’s ability. These things are rigidly followed by teacher and management team. Apart from that our teachers and management team  are highly qualified, expert  and educated . Every teacher has at least a bachelor’s degree and needless to mention they are all It experts in this field. Each Teacher is specialized on their own field. Our syllabus focuses on variety of topics such as Cyber Security, Web Design and Development, Search Engine Optimization and many more. Some of our popular courses

One Direction IT Institute Best outsourcing freelancing training center in uttara,Dhaka,Bangladesh so our  courses are best for individual’s career if you enroll in any of these courses you will be benefited and can shape your career as a successful freelancer. Apart from that at this reasonable price no other institute can provide such professional courses.


Now let’s see why we should learn freelancing in One Direction IT Institute.

One direction It Institute Best outsourcing freelancing training center in uttara,Dhaka,Bangladesh is the only training Centre in Bangladesh who offers guaranteed income facilities within 7 or 12 classes. There is not a single student who did not make money after they have taken our service and completed our course. We have buyers from various platforms Such as Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer and Seo Clerk. We take projects from these market places and give it those students who are willing to take extra work and interested to work as internship.  Apart from that our institution will help you to withdraw the money from marketplace after you have received the payment from clients.

One Direction IT Institute  the Best outsourcing freelancing training center in uttara  has its own Payoneer and PayPal account facilities. Yes, we can help you to solve this problem as well! If you receive PayPal payment, we can convert that in Bangladeshi Currency; also in Payoneer you have to have at least of USD 50 in the order to withdraw. But don’t worry we will provide you with rest of the balance so that you can withdraw easily.


Lets know something about freelancing market places and how do you get work from them

Seo Clerk: In these tough times people would like to make good money from the comfort of their own home without having to work outside in the lockdown! Is it possible to do that? Yes, it is absolutely possible if you have some skills you can use SeoClerk to make a handsome amount of money online. We’ve been using it since they first begun and SeoClerk is the best to use as Seo work is very demanding day by day. As websites are being created everyday Seo is must for marketing. To be more precise Seo work is never ending job as existing website also needs to do Seo in order to be in the rank.

Fiverr: The largest market place which is convenient for both buyers and sellers. In Fiverr the students make their Gig and gets order very easily. Fiverr claims that, it has facilitated more than 50 million transactions between 5,500,000 buyers and 830,000 freelancers who sell services like SEO, Website development and Affiliate Marketing. Fiverr is mostly used by the subcontinent countries like India, Bangladesh and Pakistan and Our tutors are quite knowledgeable about this platform. From account creation to giving all necessary test you will get our support.

Upwork: When you become an Intermediate freelance then you can use this platform. It has clients who are big buyers means projects generally starts from 100 dollars. In Upwork there are many buyers who are specially in need for web developers. Our institute also has majority clients from this platform. Another hassle is bidding in Upwork. But don’t worry our teachers and experts can help you to place the right bid so that you don’t waste your valuable Upwork profile credit.

Freelancer: We have clients from this marketplace as well. This marketplace is also very convenient to use for some students as they are able to choose their preferred clients for themselves, the students can choose the category of work they like to do and by using the filter they get to choose the customers they like to work with. Everything in this platform is very simple and clear to understand and the best feature in this platform is that you get to negotiate your rates with the clients.

Now let’s discuss who the ideal People for freelancing are

Housewives: Housewives in Bangladesh are often busy doing house chores. They are responsible for running and taking care of their family that is why even if they want, they cannot do office jobs. So freelancing is the perfect solution for them. They can look after their home and children and can also work for the foreign clients. For the service you give you earn a handsome amount of money too. Many house wives have taken training from our institute and now there is a regular flow of income always coming even in the pandemic when people become jobless.

Students: Students are future of our country and the best time to learn freelancing is when you are young. Because at a younger you are full of energy can work harder and earn a lot of money and knowledge in quick time. Parents will be also happy if a student is serious about their career. Parents will consider them as responsible teenagers. Our institution prepares students in such a way their knowledge and skills reflect in the community.

Job Holder: Its better to spend time for yourself rather than running for a company. For better salary you have to wait for promotion and it takes a lot of time. Invest our time in outsourcing the more effort you put the more you gain. It is wise and rational to put your valuable time in the marketplace rather than doing 9 to 5 task for your boss. Try to be your own boss.

Retired Person: If you are retired for age but not tired mentally you can take training from One direction and start working for the top clients around the world. You are very experienced because of your age and marketplace needs people like you so hurry grab this opportunity.

The Bangladeshi government earns the 2nd most revenue from freelancing almost 700000 freelancers are there in our country. Keeping an eye on this industry the government is also improvising and investing in this area.  The government also wants you to work for yourself rather than looking for a job.

People can now also settle in foreign country if they are in this profession. A woman recently got a job offer from a European country. She used to work as a Graphic Designer. The buyers liked her projects so they called her for long term partnership. This is only field where opportunities are endless and ONE Direction It Institute is there to help you execute your talent.

Just like the facilities provided by One direction IT Institute Best outsourcing freelancing training center in uttara  mentioned above, there are many more other facilities. We are always there for our help. Our Facebook group named ODI is there for any support you need anytime. Our top teachers and experienced students will always step ahead to help you. That how kind and sincere our community is.

Our classrooms can accommodate 200 students per day and we are open Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. Don’t worry if you can’t join our live classes, we can provide you online class.

Best outsourcing freelancing training center in uttara. So what do you think? Do you want to make your career successful in this field? We guarantee the opportunity is unlimited and when get paid in dollars there is a jolly feeling. So, don’t waste your time by thinking. Make your time useful by doing. Register today in One direction It institute. Your life will get a new shape and you will walk towards path of success.

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